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WEMO Maker Sensor trigger

Dear all,


I'm having troubles configuring the sensor trigger in the app.


I have my garden sprinkles system working with Wemo Maker for quite a while now, every evening it activates with a schedule set in the app, works all fine! Yesterday, I've installed a rain sensor together with a sensor rule in the app to avoid watering the garden when it's raining. I've noticed the following behavior though:


First Scenario, works as expected:

It's dry outside -> sensor is not triggered (shows in the app as well) -> schedule activates the sprinkles -> suddenly it starts raining -> sensor is triggered -> sensor rule shuts down the sprinklers


Second Scenario, does not work as expected:

It's raining outside -> sensor is already triggered for quite a while (shows in the app as well) -> schedule activates the sprinklers -> schedules runs as if there's not a drop of rain


I'm not able to find a way/option not to start the sprinklers if the sensor is already triggered beforehand. The schedule just ignores the sensor status when initiating, it seems that only in case the sensor changes status during a schedule cycle it acts. Any clues?


Many thanks for your thoughts! Patrick

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Re: WEMO Maker Sensor trigger



Email us at WemoCares@belkin.com so we can have this matter taken care of. Please inlcude the following details:


-full name

-phone #


-link to this thread



WEMO Technical Support
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Re: WEMO Maker Sensor trigger

Thank you for the quick reply, will do!

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Re: WEMO Maker Sensor trigger

Hmm...  so there's a secret way to get the maker to test for a sensor condition before changing the relay state?


To my knowledge there is not.  I suspect princess doesn't know that so she's having you call support rather than finding out for you.


I believe you'll need an aftermarket app to do that.  AutomationManager can do it easily.



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Re: WEMO Maker Sensor trigger

[ Edited ]

Hi Mike,


I'm afraid you are right. The case has been with the support desk for close to 3 months now and except for repeated questions about things that I've explained cleary before, I've now reached the point that I'm being ignored and not getting any responses anymore Smiley Sad


I tend to believe it's a very simple scenario, which you can test with basically any sensor. If that "any sensor" behaves the same, it's a WEMO software / hardware issue, if not, it is probabely related to my specific model sensor... unfortunately not even that as an outcome...