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Re: WEMO Mini Problem - Shuts off autmatically!!

I was about to create the very same thread. Can I get in on this too? 

I have a Mini that works just fine, for a while. Then it shuts itself off moments after turning on.. repeat until I unplug it and set it up again. 


I've tried changing the channel on my router to a less crowded channel. Anything else I should try? 

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Re: WEMO Mini Problem - Shuts off autmatically!!

Hi, scottisadrummer. Do you have a rule created on the App that is scheduled to automatically turn Off your WEMO Mini? Try to make sure that you have its firmware updated. You may also try to relocate the device closer to the router as it may be having trouble getting a strong signal from the network.

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WEMO Technical Support
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Re: WEMO Mini Problem - Shuts off autmatically!!

I too have the problem after the last firmware update. I have 3 devices with no rules and they all randomly turn themselves off. This is not a overheating issue. Every one of these units were perfect until this update. Save the canned response of-  Please email....and send..... You've broken your product with this last release. It is not the customers issue to do your R&D or QC before you release upgrades to firmware. It has been months since the firmware has been released and still no bug fix. I ordered a competitors product today to replace all of my Wemo's. I'm returning the last wemo I bought to Amazon as it's still covered for return. I will also be updating my Amazon review.