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Registered: ‎12-03-2017

WEMO won't connect to wifi



I have had a wemo switch working for several years with my existing wifi. I bought two new switches and have been unable to connect them to wifi. It asks for my password and then is unable to connect to the wifi. 

One internet suggestion was to delete the app and reinstall it. I did and now my original switch is unable to connect. 

So, I have three switches adn cannot connect. Thoughts?

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Re: WEMO won't connect to wifi

i was just having the same issue. Came here to search and found this tweet which helped: https://twitter.com/hiveminer/status/936773134220271616



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Re: WEMO won't connect to wifi

how can you configure the software without the keyboard?

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Re: WEMO won't connect to wifi

staroner, thanks so much. That did the trick for me.



Skrutinizr, Gboard is a third-party add-on keyboard in iOS, so you can still use the standard iOS keyboard after disabling that one.