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WeMo Light Switch Will Not Reset

I have 2 WEMO light switches.  Both were working fine until my wireless router was replaced.  I reset one of them, reprogrammed it, etc., and it works just fine now.  However, the other switch only blinks amber after a restart/reset cycle or a full breaker off hard reset.  If I hit the restart and then immediately the reset for 5-8 seconds (as your video suggests) the unit blinks green for about 15 seconds and then blinks amber forever - and it does not show up in the WEMO app or as a WiFi device.  I've read every post on this kind of problem, and tried every suggested restart/reset/power off configuration.  Any ideas???

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Re: WeMo Light Switch Will Not Reset

Hi richb,


We'd like to have our Escalation Engineers take a closer look at the issue with the device, and assist you with advanced troubleshooting. Please send us an email at Wemocares@belkin.com with the following details and the link to your community post for reference.

  • Full name
  • Username
  • Phone number
  • State/Country
  • Wemo app & mobile OS version
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