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WeMo Motion sensitivity

I'm having an issue with my WeMo Motion sensor in that it is constantly triggering (ie every 2 seconds) and don't seem to have any access to change the sensitivity when creating or editing a motion rule.


I've performed all of the steps outlined in the suport documnet titled '4. Why does my sensor continuously trigger?'

ie unplugged the motin detector sensor from the sensor module, relaunched the app many times etc. Reset the device a few time and re-setup...


I've even placed the motion sensor in a seperate room, with the door closed, no lights and no movement and yet it is still constantly triggering and showing the message 'Oops, I sense motion!' message. The blue sensor light on the device is also constantly going on, then off, going on, then off...


I updated the firmware to WeMo_WW_2.00.7166 on the device and have the last app for iphone 1.9.1 (20017)


From other support aricles, I believe that in setting up a rule, ther should be an option to set the sensitivity level for the motion sensor but do not get any options no matter what I try.


Does anyone have any ideas on the problem i'm having or advice on how to resolve this?

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Re: WeMo Motion sensitivity

Unplug the sensor cord and plug it back in. If that doesn't help the sensors defective.

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Re: WeMo Motion sensitivity


looks like I'm having the same problem, I place the Motion sensor towads an emply room and it shows movement every 10 to 30 secs.

To test, I setup a rule to work with the switch, and switch almost chatters going on and off all the time.


I check firware is current and factory reset, re-set up again, but the same thing happens.


It's going back to the shop tomorrow.




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Re: WeMo Motion sensitivity

I came across an article here which may help: Resolving WeMo Motion Sensor issues


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Re: WeMo Motion sensitivity

I had one of my motion sensors go crazy like that at one time. I was using the built in notification rule for motion. Once I disabled that power cycled the Wemo it went back to normal. I use IFTTT for motion rules now.