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Registered: ‎08-30-2018

Re: WeMo Set Up Problems - can't connect to WiFi

In case it helps, I couldn't get my new wemo minis to connect to my network. I run a R7000 with merlin, so it's somewhat more complicated and my wifi password has the $ character in it.

Anyway, both minis refused to find my sid/network, even though it was not hidden. What I did was create a guest network, and then after a factory reset, the wemo  minis were able to see both the guest network, and the normal network that I wanted to connect to. After entering the information they both connected , but when I removed the guest network, one of them staid connected, while the other would not work no matter what. I eventually did another factory reset, repeated, washed, rinsed, and then it stuck after I removed the guest network.

I have no idea why adding a second guest network would cause these switches to respond better during setup. All I can say is I'm very dissatisfied and wiill not be buying any more wemos, which is a shame becaues my insite, and my wemo light switch have been fine. I really don't have the time to mess with this , and for God's sake, the wifi standards have been around for a decade now.... Belkin, please hire more QA people.


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Registered: ‎09-09-2018

Re: WeMo Set Up Problems - can't connect to WiFi

My new WEMO switch couldn't see or connect to my main home network even when entered manually.  It was only seeing my guest network.  So after hours of frustration and wasted time I disabled my guest network and finally the WEMO switch could see and connect to my main network.