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WeMo Smart Switch

So I bought 4 WeMo switches to use at work. I have 2 at home. After having some issues setting one up at work (because it was trying to connect the first switch I set up to my home WiFi), I finally got it to connect to my WiFi router at work. However, the app only shows my 2 existing switches at home. It's not showing the new switch I added at work in the app. The switch is no longer showing as a WiFi device I can direct connect to either to try setup again.

So, I go online and read some FAQ (it sure sounds like this product has a LOT of WiFi issues, it won't even connect to my newer WiFi AP on 2.4 ghz). Anyhow, I laughed when I read a question with a response that said if I wanted to buy and use more WeMo switches at another location, I would have to buy a new phone for each of those locations. LOL. No way, a joke, right?

LOL, seriously? That has to be a joke. I have multiple Insteon hubs and switches at different locations. It's kind of dumb I have to have a separate logon for each different site to access it, but never the less I didn't have to buy a new phone to use each one. I have many duplicate devices at home and work and I didn't need to buy a separate phone to use those.

Tell me this is a joke so I don't have to return these 4 WeMo Smart Switches I just bough. There is no logical reason why anyone would NEED to buy a different device to use a network product at different locations. I'm a programmer, I know better than that.

What kind of engineers or programmers do you have working for you? Do you need someone to fix some of these many problems for you? This problem is laughable if it's true. Is it true? And are you seriously admitting you can't fix this? Really?

Why isn't this limit on the number of WeMo devices we can buy and use printed on the box so I we have to repackage and return them?
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Re: WeMo Smart Switch

Unfortunately it's not a joke!

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Re: WeMo Smart Switch

Yes, michaelE


As Phil says, it's no joke. The WeMo hardware is fantastic though. It's the app and it's method of operation that's the trouble regarding multiple locations.


But for just a few $$ and a cheap Android 'phone to use as your personal server (or perhaps a redundant one following an upgrade), you can get the third party app Automation Manager for IoT as I've done. With that your WeMos will do all you could wish for including the control of multiple locations from one 'phone, an astonishing set of control rules and on-screen widgets.


I know it's frustrating having to spend a bit more to get your WeMos doing what you would expect, but I've done so and have never looked back.





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Re: WeMo Smart Switch

You can always check other applications seeing as WeMo's own application sucks, Eynio Click supports WeMo and allows control in multiple locations.

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Re: WeMo Smart Switch

Does anyone know if this multi-locations issue was fixed with the latest app update?

I've already decided to replace my few WeMo home switches with Insteon so I can control a hub at work and at the cabin. But I have ordered anything yet. It will cost more to go that way, but it sounds like I have no option.

I can't understand why they won't fix this issue.

I just can see the logic in buting and carrying around 3 phones just for this product/app.

Why would their app programmer limit sales of their product like this?
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Re: WeMo Smart Switch

I was wondering if this issue has been resolved. I just opened mine today. I had never heard of it (otherwise I might have reconsidered) and need to set up two locations.
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Re: WeMo Smart Switch

[ Edited ]

No, not using the WeMo App - time for MikeP!

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Re: WeMo Smart Switch

LOL!  Speak and up I pop Smiley Happy.


Single location has been the case since they first released the wemos years ago.  Promises to fix but they never have (there's another long thread about it for the curious).


If you don't need remote access, or only need it at one location, you can use an aftermarket app like my WemoHome that will work on site and use belkin's app/cloud at the other.  If you do need remote access for both sites you'd have to use something like my AutomationManager running as a server at either or both locations (at one location you could continue to use belkin's cloud).


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Re: WeMo Smart Switch

What took you so long? ;-)