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WeMo Switch Timer - annoying bug

I have set my auto turn off timer for the driveway lights, but noticed it would not work sometimes. After some troubleshooting it seems like a bug. Ex: At 7pm, someone turns on the switch. I see the countdown starting under that device on the app. However, while the countdown is still going on if someone in house asked Alexa to 'turn on switch', the countdown just disappears and switch is in on-mode (no timer). Instead or extending/resetting time on the timer, it shuts off the timer. Very annoying as this lefty lights stay on for hours on many occasions. Even with timer on, i have to keep checking on switch. Anyone facing the same problem?

WeMo staff - How soon can this be fixed?
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Re: WeMo Switch Timer - annoying bug



Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response. We'd like to have our Escalation Engineers look closely into what happened. Please shoot us an email at WemoCares@belkin.com along with the following details so they can run further diagnosis on the setback.

  • Full name.
  • Phone number and Location - City or State.
  • MAC Address and firmware version of the Wemo device(s).
  • Wemo App and OS version of the handheld device.
  • Community username.
  • The link to this post for easy reference.  
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