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Registered: ‎09-10-2014

Re: WeMo app kills Airplay Speakers

Tried my Airplay speakers after the latest app / firmware update. Seems they are no better. Still getting thrown off my network every two or three minutes. Looks like WEMO has well and truly FUBARred them...


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Re: WeMo app kills Airplay Speakers

Just an update from my point of view.  My WeMo Switches, Sensors, Light Switches  and now the Insight Switch all updated to WeMo_WW_7166.PVT.


My Airplay speakers are NO  longer dropping off.  I haven't tested all combos/actions but so far so good.



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Re: WeMo app kills Airplay Speakers

As of the latest firmware I'm still having issues with the wemo switch and nexus 5 (a well known incompatibility, many posts about it both here and on the google groups forum).

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Re: WeMo app kills Airplay Speakers

After updating to the latest firmware I can confirm that my Pioneer speaker doesn't drop anymore, at least it hasn't on the last times I've used it, so thank you Belkin for addressing this issue although it took a while.

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Re: WeMo app kills Airplay Speakers

I have a Yamaha RX V477 that was experiencing network dropoff once my wemos updated to 6395. As of yesterday I have updated all wemos to 7166 and the network dropoff issues seems to be resolved. Thank you Belkin for addressing this.


I was having difficulty getting all devices to upgrade to 7166, having the same issues that many others have reported (i.e. app hanging). The trick that worked for me was to turn off my phone's wifi, then start the wemo app using mobile data to connect to the network through the remote access feature. Triggering the firmware update while connected via remote access finally worked. 


Galaxy S4. Android 4.4

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Re: WeMo app kills Airplay Speakers

I have Wemo devices at home. My latest addition last December is the Wemo NetCam HD+. It is causing my AirPlay transmission from the MacBook Pro via wi-fi to the Pioneer receiver connected via ethernet to the same router to reset ONLY WHENEVER the Belkin NetCam HD+ is connected. It forces the AirPlay reset every now and then.


But when I turn off the Belkin camera everything is performing great with AirPlay once again. No resets. No audio drop outs.


Before finding this thread I was blaming my Apple Airport Extreme router thinking it's too slow to handle all my connected devices. So I changed to a D-Link DIR 880L AC1900 router. Same issue.


Then I switched to a Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 AC3200 router. Still the same.


I am hoping Belkin starts testing the camera and provides a firmware fix.

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Re: WeMo app kills Airplay Speakers

I'm glad you found the thread. I remember feeling some relief after troubleshooting my network/stereo/airports for days and then finding it.

Like most of us here, I have lots of connected devices at home (nests, hues, dropcams, etc) and people are always asking for details... I never recommend WeMo - simply because it works so poorly, so intermittently, and has caused so many headaches with issues like this. I can't recommend it in good conscience. It's a shame because there is so much possibility. I have a feeling they are losing a lot of business. It's the early adopters like us that really spread the word (good or bad).