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WeMo app on new device

I have been using several switches for some time without any problems. I just set up a new iPad (actually an older Ipad2) and downloaded the WeMo app. The app does not recognize the existing switches. Instead it tries to put me in setup mode. Any suggestions.

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Re: WeMo app on new device

Try connecting to 2.4Ghz network first, connect with app... once it sees Wemos you can go back to 5Ghz if you desire. The latter 5Ghz connection effectively being a cloud connection for control.
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Re: WeMo app on new device

I am on a 2.4Ghz network.

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Re: WeMo app on new device

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If you are certain you are on 2.4Ghz then probably try rebooting router.  Maybe some weird multicast issue.


If you can find the IP of Wemo's whether in router or in properties on iPad that is working see if iPad can see the router by using one of these urls in Safari on iPad.  If XML text loads at least you can confirm IOS device should be able to see Wemos.


Be sure to replace "ipaddress" with address you discover.









What brand/model router are you using?  Any repeaters?


I always like to offer up alternative control options as well.  I've had good luck with these IOS apps.. they do have a small cost though.









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Re: WeMo app on new device



Were you able to sort it out? If not, allow us to ask, is this challenge solely happening on your iPad? How about your other handheld device? You could try to Force Close the app and see if it'll make any difference upon relaunching it. 

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Re: WeMo app on new device

I have the same problem. I have a Google WiFi mesh network and can't connect any other devices. I setup the light switch sucessfully on an Android phone.


I installed the wemo app on an iPhone and iPad but both those just launch the app in setup mode. Is an update planned to make this setting up of extra devices more user friendly?

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Re: WeMo app on new device

Make sure your phones are connected to the same 2.4GHz network as your WeMos.

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Re: WeMo app on new device

That is easy if you are at the wemo’s location.  What do you do if you need to access switches that are 1000 miles away and you setup a new iPad?  The whole reason I use wemo is to control several security devices in a second home.  My Nexia app was installed and connected just fine.  Unless you can fix this and make it reinstall and reconnect like every other iPad app with a user I’d and password to reconnect to your devices, I won’t be spending any more money on wemo.  Or am I missing something?

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Re: WeMo app on new device


Hello kpeikert,


When installing a Wemo app on a new device, you have to enable the remote access first and for you to enable it, you have to be connected to the home network. 

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Re: WeMo app on new device

How do you enable remote access if the app on the new device only starts with the initial setup screen? I could not see a way to get to those settings.