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Registered: ‎04-26-2017

WeMo app v1.18.1 and ZigBee light bulbs

Hi All,


I would like to ask for some help and assistance.


I have a WeMo Link starter kit with 2 Wemo B22 bulbs.

Recently, I try to add another 4 ZigBee bulbs and encountered a problem.


When adding new devices, the 4 devices are all detected and found as OnOff Light, and then I press “Add” button to proceed. After the adding procedures, these 4 devices are not seen in the device tab. However, when I go to “Setting & About” -> “Hardware Info”, these 4 devices are there and current status is online. In the main screen device list, they are not show thus I cannot on / off and control their brightness.


Thus that confuses me and I would like to solve this. 

My WeMo Link is hardware version v1 and firmware is 2.00.10966.

The WeMo app I am using is the latest one, v1.18.1 in my Android phone.


Thank you for your help and reply.

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Re: WeMo app v1.18.1 and ZigBee light bulbs

The Wemo Link is only compatible with the following third party bulbs, Neonlite:


- OSRAM LIGHTIFY Tunable White 60 Bulb

- Sylvania Ultra iQ LED BR30 Bulb

- OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB


- Cree Connected bulbs


WEMO Technical Support
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Re: WeMo app v1.18.1 and ZigBee light bulbs

The WeMo Link is compatible with almost any Zigbee bulb. For some inexplicable reason, an app update pushed out about a year ago made it intentionally refuse to work with bulbs not on the “Belkin Blessed” list. Since Belkin doesn’t even sell the link anymore this really should be reverted, as the “offically supported” bulbs won’t be sold forever. In fact, that Ultra iQ BR30 isn’t sold anymore, so there are zero options for a BR30 type bulb.