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WeMo rules running an hour off?

Seems that lately my WeMo rules seem to be off by one hour which seems to indicate it's getting the daylight savings time confused. I'm in the east coast (20152) and I have a rule that controls two Wemo Switches:


Family Room and Foyer

06:30 pm - 10:00 pm, Daily


This rule turns on the lights connected to the two Wemo switches at 6:30 pm and turns off at 10:00 pm daily, but it seems they're turning them on at 7:30 pm instead????


It's not my phone/setup as it was working fine until recently.  Tried resetting the switches, app, and all that usual routine but to no avail.  Switches are at the following firmware levels:




I know Wemo has always had chronic rules issues but it's May 2018 and I'm just appalled that at this time and age, it's still persistent.  Can we get this resolved once and for all?  TP-Link's Smart Switches don't have these problems.

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Re: WeMo rules running an hour off?


Hello weictay,


You may try changing the time zone or adjust the time rule an hour early. You may also try deleting the rule and recreate it. By the way, have you tried using a different handheld device? What's the OS of the currently being used handheld device?



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Re: WeMo rules running an hour off?

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I have this exact problem.  The WeMo Rules say they are active but the devices come on an hour after the Rule says they should.  I have had no luck witth all tiers of WeMo support.  I have factory reset all devices.  Deleted rules, re-implemented rules, ensured the NTP service time is correct on my router, tried re-creating rules on an iPad instead of my iPhone.  Changed the location on my device to another time zone and changed it back, etc.  Nothing has changed the behavior of these devices.  I'm about ready to pull all of them and change them out to Caseta.  I don't get how everything works fine for months and then we have DST and all my Wemo devices fail to follow rules.  


Sure I can change the rules to say they are coming on an hour before... but really?  These devices need a work-around to work properly?  This is the best WeMo support can do?  Can't we fix the issue?


@Weicay What did you end up doing?  Did the problem get fixed? 




-Wemo iOS 1.22.1

-iPhone 7 and iPad Mini

-iOS 12.1.2

-behavior with 7 Product Type Lightswitch, 1 Sensor and 1 Switch - all v1

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Re: WeMo rules running an hour off?



You've tried enough troubleshooting steps! Let us have our Escalation Engineers look into this further and to better assist. Please shoot us an email at WemoCares@belkin.com with the MAC addresses of the units, Community Username, and the link to this thread for easy reference. We'll be looking forward to your email. 

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