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Wemo App 1.21 (Android)

The new Android app version 1.21 has been released to the Play Store.


With this app update we've added instructions for how to connect your Wemo to the Google Assistant. We've also fixed a few critical bugs including:


  • Unnecessary location permission requests for Android Oreo
  • Several rules issues
  • App crashing when changing device picture
  • Updated links to device support pages
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Re: Wemo App 1.21 (Android)

Running pixel 3. 1.21 app installed. Keeps asking for location permissions, I keep say ing yes, then it loops back and asks again. App crashes over and over. Wont let me update to a new wifi network. wont allow me to delete devices. wont connect to devices to update firmware (been uplugged for over 2 years). I have reset devices, but doesnt matter still wont find them or allow find device to complete.