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Wemo App

I deleted my Wemo App which quick working.  So I wanted to download the App agian.  However, the WEMO App does not show up on the Apple App  Store.   Any ideas?


Thanks,  Wayne

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Re: Wemo App

Make sure you are searching for an iPhone app. It will not show up as an iPad app.

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Re: Wemo App

Hi, fallsflag colglbo is right especially if you’re using an iPad. On the App Store, set the search filter to “iPhone only” or “All.” The Wemo app will then be included in the search results and install just fine.


Reil – 22071
Wemo Technical Support
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Re: Wemo App

Are there any plans to make the app work natively on iPad? Considering one of support’s first troubleshooting steps is to ask the user to try the app on a different thousand-dollar device, I’d think this would have happened sooner.