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Registered: ‎03-02-2019

Wemo Mini Outlets do not work with Nest Home/Away Function



I bought two Wemo Mini Outlets, after researching devices that would work with my Nest thermostat. On both the Wemo website and the Nest website, they say Wemo works with the Nest Auto Home/Away function. This was the main reason I purchased the Wemo Mini Outlets. I tried several times to set up the Home/Aaway rule in the Wemo app and had no luck getting it to work. I contacted Wemo Support and the issue was raised to second level engineering. The second level engineer told me that the Auto Home/Away function no longer works with Wemo, since Nest changed their firmware. He also said there are no plans to udate the Auto Home/Away function in Wemo. He also agreed with me that the Wemo website should not say that Wemo works with the Nest Auto Home/Away feature anymore. 


I feel that Wemo should correct their website and no longer say Wemo works with the Nest Auto Home/Away function. They should also contact Nest and have them update their website to not say Wemo works with Nest. Wemo should also update the Wemo application and remove the Home/Away rule. I feel that  Wemo is being deceptive by saying that the Wemo Mini Outlets work with the Nest Auto Home/Away functiion, when they do not.


The other option would be to update the Wemo App so that the Nest Auto Home/Away function works again with Wemo devices.  The Wemo Mini Outlets would be a great product if they did what was advertised, but I am very disappointed that Wemo would sell a product that did not work as they claim.