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Wemo Mini Plug + IFTTT + Google Home: Can't find Voice Command text to edit

Hey All,

I have a few smart devices around the house - a Nest stat, a few Philips Hue light groups in different rooms, a Ring camera - and I just added a WEMO mini smart outlet this weekend that controls a floor lamp. I've built IFTTT receipes to control just about everything by voice through my Google Home. Those of you familiar with IFTTT know the routine is standard: the Google Home is the trigger - you type in the phrase (ok Google, "turn off the livingroom" for example). Then you pick the service.


In the WEMO case, IFTTT makes a statement about security features and says Google Home has to paired in the WEMO app (Android). The directions to do so, do not follow the process, and by some miracle I paired the two together and entered the voice phrase. I created two recipes somehow - "turn the light on" and "turn the light off". But for the life of me I cannot find the voice phrases anywhere. They're not anywhere in the WEMO app, they're not in the Google Home app, and there are no IFTTT recipes that trigger the lamp. But both actions by voice (off & on) work perfectly.


I'd like to shorten the voice phrase - any hints where to look for these phrases for the WEMO products? Are they in the Android WEMO app? (I dont think so).




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Re: Wemo Mini Plug + IFTTT + Google Home: Can't find Voice Command text to edit

Hello, jjmorga106


It is not possible to edit the phrase using the wemo app. We recommend reaching out to IFTTT instead for further assistance.

Wemo Technical Support