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Registered: ‎02-13-2017

Re: Wemo Mini hell

The ZTE phone arrived a day early and I can't be more pleased witht he results. The AutomationManager server widget on the ZTE allows me to set up the rules and removes the need for using either my S7 or Tab A for that function. The WEMO app on my S7 and Tab A allows me to check and see that the rules are working.


Pretty smooth. And for a neophite, I can now learn how to use it for other IoT functions.

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Re: Wemo Mini hell

Nice! Glad to see you were able to get a good result.
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Re: Wemo Mini hell

Hi All


I'm on "Automation Manager for IoT" too. It's just brilliant. It provides all you could possibly want for your WeMos and much, much more than you might have expected.


I reckon MikeP's app has saved many a WeMo from the trash can, and he'll always provide unparalleled support. Smiley Happy



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Re: Wemo Mini hell

This is very great and brilliant information.
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