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Re: Wemo Minis at two homes

I have 12 wemo devices for my home and I was planning on purchaseing another 12 for my vacation house. I have to admit this is a deal breaker for me and I'm starting researching other products. I really like my wemo devices but I think I'll spend more money on Philips Hue this time. Wasn't too crazy about the idea of a battery operated dimmer switch but I have a few of those at home and I think I'll have to go full on Philips Hue for my vacation house.

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Re: Wemo Minis at two homes

Another dissatisfied customer. I have just had a 3-pack of smart plugs arrive and tried to install the first one. Same problem. It is at my 2nd home. The Wemo app can only see the devices at the other home. This is incredibly short-sighted of Belkin. And, as I understand it, having been alerted to their short-sightedness some time (years!) ago, they do nothing to fix it. That is even worse. As I understand it, the limitation is with the App. I've seen reference to an alternative app that can handle it. Can anyone identify it?

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Re: Wemo Minis at two homes

It's called AutomationManager by MikeP. It's in the Google play store.
AM was the solution I used for 2 homes.
The app has a lot more options for controlling your devices. It also works across hardware brands, not just WeMo.
It does require a server device in each home which acts as the 'brain' for the smart devices. You can use an old android cell phone as the server. You don't need cell service or minutes for the phone. Just Wi-Fi.
I've sent a few emails to the developer and he responds right away. Great app, great support.
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Re: Wemo Minis at two homes

Good to hear it's working for you, thanks Smiley Happy.


Other options are to use AM on your carry phone and just set up one AM Server at one of the locations, using AM for remote access to it.  Use belkin's app for remote access to the other site, and use belkin or AM when you're on site there.


Another choice, if you don't need remote access at one of the locations, is to use WemoHome (it has a subset of AM function) on your carry phone.  It only works for the wemos present when you're on site, but you can move between homes seamlessly.


The belkin app can be convinced to work at either home by clearing it's settings and rediscovering your devices each time you arrive, but you need to be on site for it to work and it'll forget the other remote wemos.  That's handy if you're using AM in multiple sites and you need to update wemo firmware.

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Re: Wemo Minis at two homes

Did you set it up in H1 and bring it to H2 or set it up in H2 using H2s WiFi?