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Wemo TV setup

I just bought a wemo ac plug. I am trying to get my tv and cable box to turn off and on to no avail. the app works because i can cut an ac device, lamp, off and on .I have it connected to alexa and want it  controlled., such as, TV on< TV off  

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Re: Wemo TV setup

Probably because when the wemo switch is OFF, you have no power to the TV or cable box.  So, when you turn on the WEMO switch, then you have to turn on the TV and cable box 2nd.  I doubt this can be set up to all turn on together.  There will need to be a delay between the switch and the TV.

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Re: Wemo TV setup



Can you tell us the model number of the Wemo Device that you have? Also, were you able to try plugging the TV to a different power outlet if it's working fine? Also, please try plugging another device to the Wemo plug and see if it'll make any difference.

Wemo Technical Support
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Re: Wemo TV setup

Look in the settings menu of your TV and cable box for a setting called “on with power.” You will need to enable this in both places in order to be able to power them on and off with a smart plug.