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Registered: ‎06-11-2018

Wemo iOS App - Stuck at “Lets Get Started”

After successfully setting up multiple Wemo devices the App no longer does anything but open to the setup screen. No devices, no options, like I never set them up.

I’ve confirmed the two Wemos are still connected to my 2.4GHz network via my routers software. I’ve connected my iPhone via the same 2.4GHz network and nothing. Tried on an iPad with the same poor results.

All software on all devices is up to date. All firmware is up to date verified today by Belkin phone support. After 1.5 hours on the phone the rep could not solve my issues with the app.

I replaced a cheap Alibaba smart plug that was more reliable than these Wemos. The app is an abomination.

Additionally, I’ve never been able to successfully connect the Wemo Bridge to my Apple HomeKit. But that’s a story for another post. I am a highly tech savvy person and have never before had to even post to these type boards because I can almost always trouble shoot these things without help. This Wemo disaster is a true disappointment and diminished Belkin as a company. Apple HomeKit should drop their support for these devices before the blame is passed.

iPhone X - iOS 11.4
iPad 6th gen - iOS 11.4
Apple TV 4K - tvOS 11.4

Wemo mini
Wemo switch
Wemo Bridge