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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

Mine were all suddenly not responsive on any of my devices today. While trying unsuccessfully at first to reset one to factory and not finding it, I looked over at my iPad and all were back but that one. Had I left it alone it would have come back like the rest did. Had to be server side as all was up here. But all working again now. Just some of the plugs are used because they are not easy to get too.
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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

When the devices become unresonsive you can't even turn them on and off via the switch button itself.  With the in-wall units this was a HUGE issue.  I would walk out to garage in pitch dark, push the switch to turn on light and nothing!  I would have to push tiny reset button on bottom of switch and wait (a minute or two) for switch to reboot, then I could turn the light on.  This is the same issue with the external plug type units.  Sure, the app says its offline as well, and maybe the app is part of it, but Alexa can't control it either.  In any case, it is certainly more than just the app.  If I get to the point of tossing these out I will ship them to you if you want to pay shipping.  I don't even feel comfortable ebaying them because I don't want to sell something to someone that I know is faulty.


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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

I too am haveing the same issue with switches becoming unresponsive "Not Detected"  I have never had an issue with any of the switches. everything worked perfectly, that is until tonight.  I noticed that the lights in my foyer did not come on at the correct time, so I picked up my phone and opened the app only to notice that all 8 of my wemo switches were not being dected by the app, and they did not come on at the apointed time.  I have been reading the community messages, but I really need some assistance here.  I was planning on buying about 5 more of these switches but now I'm not so sure.  What is the process of rebooting the in wall switches?  I have already rebooted my router and phone, even though I knew there was not an issue with the router.

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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

Mine really started acting up today.


Funny thing is if my cell phone is on cellular, all switches are available and function properly.

If I enable wireless connection on my cell phone, many switches are missing.


I've got the latest firmware -WeMo-2.00.11054.PVT.OWRT-LS

I've got the latest app version  1.19.1(133)


I'vealready started using tp-link switches because they were less expensive.

Tp-Link has also come out with 3way switches.


I'm starting to think it would be easier to simply change out the WeMo switches for Tp-link.

Won't be cheap (I have a lot of WeMo) but might be worth it in the end.

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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

Might be worth trying AutomationManager (my app), it works with tp link and wemo together and could preserve your investment. No risk if you don't like it as I offer a full refund