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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

Hi ,


I have this device: http://www.mymemory.co.uk/Networking/Belkin/Belkin-Wemo-Home-Automation-Switch-for-IOS-and-Android-D...


That is the exact one I ordered, from that company


I got my prices wrong, I actually paid £24.99 apparently reduces from £48.99


Yes, I have tested the switch right next to the router (within 15cm) and the problem remains, it is the latest firmware ("WeMo_WW_2.00.9896.PVT-OWRT-SNS"), iOS App version 1.13.2 (30080), the channel is already on "the best channel" based on my internet and wifi devices, the light is blue (solid).


Long story short, I think I'm just going to return it - it's crazy to have this much trouble with one device that can not do its job!

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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"



We’ve recently released a WEMO firmware and there’s an upcoming update on our WEMO app (1.13.4). You can check this link for more details. Before you consider on returning the device, we hope that you’ll wait for the update.


WEMO Technical Support

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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

How long until the WeMo device firmware update is available? (I believe Apple takes on average 7 days to approve an App Store update so hopfully we shall see the 1.13.4 update in the next few days)

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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

Hi jtanner. The new WEMO app version 1.13.4 will be available within the week. Stay tuned. 

WEMO Technical Support
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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

Hi all,

Just an update.

Firmware is 9896.

App is 1.13.4.

Reset app by force closing and reset switch by power off/on.


Can see the switch OK on the app, after an hour the switch goes not connected. Turn off wi-fi and connect via 3G. Can connect to switch OK.

Conclusion. Firmware update and app update have had no affect on this problem. It is still there.


So, now that you have this information can you please investigate and resolve it. The stock answer of "Please download latest firmware and latest app version" will not do anymore as it has made no difference.

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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"


It seems that some people can connect to their devices over 3G or 4G but not on their own home network.

See this post: http://community.wemothat.com/t5/WEMO-Application/Wemo-detects-devices-better-on-LTE-or-3G/m-p/24539...

I have been in touch with WeMo support and they told me that it is most likely that it is because I switched routers and there is a conflict with the two home devices (even though the first router is unplugged  sitting in a box).  I had and old router and when i got my new one I kept the same SSID and password on the new one so I  wouldn' t have to go and reset and reprogram all my devices.  What they told me is that the WeMo cloud stores both routers (by MAC id) and that they needed to get rid of the first router on the back end and it should solve the problem.  So I'm just wondering if ever changed your router or setup?

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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

[ Edited ]

Hi WeMoIan,

Thanks for the answer.

I have been using the same router all the time.

I can open my app and the devices are 'not connected' via wi-fi but are OK by 3G.


Here is what a have to do.

I leave the app open and am connected to wi-fi. All my devices say 'not connected'.

I power off/on all the devices.

Leave all alone for a couple of minutes and then push the 'refresh' button on the app.

ALL the devices then appear and I can turn them on/off via the app on/off button.

After around one to three hours (sometimes 15 minutes) the devices will go not connected if I hit the refresh button.

During this period I also keep my phone active with the app showing on my screen so at no time does my phone go to sleep.

As said above, sooner or later I lose contact with devices. If I disable wi-fi so that i am connected via 3G and refresh the devices are active again.

If I enable wi-fi and refresh they are not connected.


I have connected these devices to a Samsung SmartThings hub and at no time through the SmartThings app do I lose connectivity. I can turn my phone off/on, basically do anything and the SmartThings hub always sees the devices.


The problem has to be interaction with the app via wi-fi and my router as I can connect via 3G which is connecting to my router.

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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

Product: WeMo switch, purchased 2nd November 2015. Now with latest firmware and latest app.

Rubbish, Rubbish latest app update. It causes a previously working WeMo device to stop working remotely. The only way to get the device to again work remotely is to physical travel to the place where the WeMo device is located and re-setup.

For me that involves a one hour round trip & just to get one of the prime functionalities of the product working again.

It looks like their app developers cannot have even done basic testing before releasing the app update. What a shambles IMHO.

A senior manager in WeMo needs to sort these app developers out and install a proper professional testing and release process, otherwise they won't have a business left to develop for.

Advice: never update this app unless you are in the same physical location as the WeMo device.

Just imagine if the app update occurred when the user was abroad on holiday or the WeMo device was located at a holiday home many hours or days travel away.

What a disaster of an app update.
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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

[ Edited ]

mikewmartin said it perfectly.


I waited for the update as suggested.... but fixed nothing.  This device is utter rubbish.  It's only fit for the bin.  I even think I've passed my 14days that I am allowed to return the device (was that the plot!?) so now I'm stuck with a £25 paper weight - After all, the one job it's supposed to do doesn't f*****g work.

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Re: Wemo switch becomes unresponsive "Not detected"

[ Edited ]

It gets worse: after having to make the 30min drive to the site of the WeMo device (to set it up again):-
Immediately I walk in the room & my iPhone automatically connects to the house Wifi, then the WeMo app finds the WeMo switch. Problem solved? No!!


As soon as I turn off my iPhone's WiFi (to test the remote access via the mobile/cell network) then I get device not found again.

In the end I had to delete the latest app from any of my Apple devices, reset the WeMo hadrware to its factory restored state, reinstall the WeMo app, and re-install everything from scratch. Great Eh!

What a huge waste of time, particularly when the big selling point of the device is supposed to be remote control of the WeMo switch from anywhere around the world with internet access.


Please, please can the developers be trained in the very basis requirements of an app update. Never, never release an update that stops a WeMo device working remotely and/or requires a brand new complete system set up again. When a device is sold on the key feature of remote control from anywhere in the world, the above update requirement should be clearly obvious to anyone surely.