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What am i missing with set up

I have the wemo light switch. I connect to the switches wifi, and the switch shows up and I can turn it off and on, but there's no prompt to connect the switch to my home wifi. Can't turn on remote access. Can't do **bleep** except manually switch to the switches wifi and control it. All tutorials just say connect to switches wifi and finish the set up in app...but I'm not prompted to do any set up.

This thing does connect to the home network, right? What am I missing?


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Re: What am i missing with set up


Were you able to follow these steps on this link? Make sure to connect first to your 2.4 GHz network, then reset the Light Switch by pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds until it blinks orange rapidly. Once done, go into your Wi-Fi list then connect to the Light Switch's setup SSID.

Jo-Ann - 21744
WEMO Technical Support