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Wi-Fi connectivity

My wall switches and plugs are ALL connected to the 2.4GHx network on my router.


I have ver 1.22 of the Wemo app for iOS. My iOS is latest available, 12.1.


I am at home an my iPhone is connected to either the 5 or the 2.4 networks. I launch Wemo app and most devices are NOT DETECTED.  Even the ones that show up do not function correctly.


Next, I turn Wi-Fi off on my iPhone. Now, I'm using the cell phone network.

I kill and then re-launch the Wemo app. All devices show up and work correctly.

Belkin/Wemo has never been able to figure this one out. It still doesn't work correctly when my iPhone is connected to my home network.


The one saving grace for me is that they all work for the IFTTT app. When away from home and I want lights to come on/go off with regylarity, they do. Hooray for IFTTT.


Why won't any version of iOS work with Wi-Fi inside my home?

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Re: Wi-Fi connectivity


Hello bmwtriker,


Allow us to look into this. May we know the model of your router and who is your ISP? What's the LED status when the devices go Not Detected? How far are they from the router? For another isolation, you may try a different handheld device with same OS or a different one and observe.

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Re: Wi-Fi connectivity

the router is a Nighthawk (Netgear) R7500v2.


Our ISP is City of Longmont, Colorado. Fiber optical cable w/ 1 Gb speed.


I'll try using my wife's iPhone and respong tomorrow.



All of my devices (6 wall switches (wired into the walls)) and two plugs controlling lamps.