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Registered: ‎07-31-2018

Re: Your product really sucks

The app work off and on, the dimmer set to 16% and when it is on it become 100%. If you are not at home and the light is on 100%. you have no way to lower it. The result is you wast energy. It is really sucks.

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Re: Your product really sucks


Allow us to check on your case. Do you have remote access enabled on the WEMO App? It will help you check your devices' status and control them remotely. Make sure that you have the latest App version. To clarify, do you have rules active for your WEMO Dimmer?

Jo-Ann - 21744
WEMO Technical Support
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Re: Your product really sucks

Same here. I run a home automation business and really regret recommending Wemo to my clients. My support calls to fix these devices are an order of magnitude higher than all the other product lines combined. Even in my own home they are a pain and I am in the process of replacing them with Lutron switches--which work flawlessly. Even GE smart switches work fine. Hell, even the crappy TP Link KASA devices work better.