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3 Way Light switch work around

I have used the wemo light switch now for some time and love it.  I have a few lights in my home which are on three way switches which according to belkin, these switch are in compatable.  After doing some reasearch I came accross what seems like might be a work around for it.


This person says through the wemo manager app rules you can make it work


Switch 1 on Switch 2 on

Switch 2 on Switch 1 on

Switch 1 off Switch 2 off

Switch 2 off Switch 1 off


Here is a link to his youtube video 



It seems that by using a 2 second of suprression on each rule he avoided the problem in the video.


I was wondering if anyone more informed than I might have any idea if this would actually work.


Fixed this by changing the Automation Manager app rules. Use 2 seconds of Suppression on each rule and this will never happen!!! 3-way WeMo lights work exactly like a stock 3-way now. Installing 2 WeMo switches in a 3 way configuration utilizing the Android app Automation Manager to turn each ...
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Re: 3 Way Light switch work around

Yep, I can confirm it works.  The supression he mentions is 'cause the WemoManager rules engine is event driven - when the on/off events arrive late they start chasing each other, the suppression option in the WemoManager rule damps this out.  For this scenario you need to run WemoManager as a dedicated server (WemoServer).


The physical wiring is a bit tricky - you need to get the line and neutral lines to each box (you can sometimes use ground in place of neutral).  If the electrician wired it with 14-3 wiring you can use the travellers to get power where you need it, then wire the load (light) so that either wemo can power the load and both must be off for the load to be off.

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Re: 3 Way Light switch work around

I know how to create rules in the app, but how do you add a 2 second suppression?

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Re: 3 Way Light switch work around

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Noting it's AutomationManager/WemoManager you need for this as I don't believe the belkin app has this function, Suppression is the attribute 3rd from the bottom of the WhenDevice rule.  https://sites.google.com/site/mppsuite/faq/wemomanager/wemorules

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Re: 3 Way Light switch work around

This is my video.  Just wanted to add that I have four sets of 3 way switches in this configuration and they are rock solid.  Mike's app makes it possible, even on a multitasked 2013 Nexus 7.  Virtually zero lag when shutting off one light and the server app triggers the other.

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Re: 3 Way Light switch work around

He wired the traveler as a hot from the line and use a long press rule yeah that works. Only thing that would make it a no go is if you cannot use a red wire for a hot line. The guy with the loop error I wonder if he has a floating ground or ground loop maybe causing some noise on th return making them flash? Line noise on return can make some crazy things happen.
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Re: 3 Way Light switch work around

Why has wemo /Belkon not addressed this issue? There are hundreds of posts and questions regarding this issue! And silence from them. Do you have plans to release such and item and if so when? Times ticking you’re losing customers daily to your competitors!