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4 gang switch plate cover

I have installed my Wemo light switch and it works great.  However I installed in a 4 gang box, three toggle and the Wemo.  I purchased a 4 gang switch cover with one rocker and 3 toggle.  The holes are the correct size, however the switch plate cover does not fit flush to the wall where the Wemo is.  Any thoughts on this?

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Registered: ‎02-08-2017

Re: 4 gang switch plate cover

And BTW Belkin on line chat useless for this question.

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Re: 4 gang switch plate cover

It can take some fiddling.  First take the plate off to make sure all of the switches are flush to the drywall.  


Check that the switch box is properly iinstalled, normally it should be flush with the drywall though there can be some variation.  Make sure it's not proud of the drywall surface.


Next make sure the switches, especially the mounts on the wemo itself, can be installed flush to the drywall.  If there's a lot of wires they may prevent the switch from mounting properly and you'll have to reposition the wires (turn off the power!).  You may have to trim back the drywall to let any of the switch "ears" be mounted flush.


Once the switches are all sorted, leave them a little loose at the mounting screws then fit the switch cover.  Adjust the switch locations till the switch plate fits easily.  Tighten the mounting screws, being cautious not to move the switches or to overtighten the screws.  Just enough so the switches are flush and firm against the drywall.


Mount the plate, tightening the mounting screws evenly.  Don't overtighten them, just enough to hold the plate in place.  For a neat finish point all of the screw slots in the same direction.

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Re: 4 gang switch plate cover

I have a 3 switch cover (1-wemo, 2-toggle). The Wemo initially was too far forward. The problem was the Sheetrock above and below the Wemo needed to be trimmed so the Wemo would seat further back into the box. Just takes some patience to get it worked out. Good luck
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Re: 4 gang switch plate cover

So are you able to have a flush 4 gang wall plate installed with an old work box in the wall? The old work box has tabs that hold it to the wall.