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According to wemo phone support the mobile app can only support devices in one location but that's n

I've had a wemo device at my home and another in my studio which is across town from where I live. I have two different ISPs and different networks that the wemos have been working. Back in august I had a problem with my internet and it required me to reset all my passwords AP names. When I tried to reconfigure my wemos they would report successfully being configured but they would not show up in the app after the configuration completed. The devices seem to be showing up as valid ip addresses in my network. They show up as devices when I look at the network on my windows 10 machine at my studio.

When I called support they said that what I was trying to do was impossible. I don't believe it because I had this setup for over a year. I did not get my devices all at once, they were acquired over the course of a year. That means each was added at a different time. I do remember times when a device would be grayed out but when I was on a cellular connection I could always connect.

I told the guy that I appreciated what he was saying but it was completely different than what I had been doing as recently as August of 2018. I asked to moved up to a higher tier of support and hopefully something from the US. I was amused that he suggested I use another phone to control the other lights.

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Re: According to wemo phone support the mobile app can only support devices in one location but that

We understand your sentiments towards this matter, joeparker. It seems that we cannot pull up any records related on this post using your email address that was registered on this community account. 


Anyhow, the Wemo devices should be detected on different handheld devices, as long as it is connected to the same network where the Wemo devices are connected. But take note that you cannot control the Wemo devices on different locations since it is not part of one network. 


To access the Wemo devices on the other location with a different network, make sure to turn on the remote access feature on the Wemo app, and turn off the wireless connection and enable the cellular data on the handheld device you're currently using. If the devices show as not detected, you may try these workarounds for isolation:

  • Force close the app, and all running applications
  • Reboot the handheld device
  • Check the LED light status of the Wemo devices
  • Reboot Wemo devices if necessary
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app (make sure it's running on its latest version)
  • Use another handheld device
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