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Registered: ‎03-10-2018

Alexa not dimming group of switches

I have a set of 4 dimmer light switches grouped together; Alexa will turn them on and off, but won't dim them collectively.  If you ask Alexa to dim one switch at a time, then she will do it.  Is there a workaround this?  Is there a way to integrate "scenes" like you can with the Hue ecosystem?  Thanks

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Re: Alexa not dimming group of switches

Hi, kv86540.


What's the firmware version of the Wemo Dimmers? Make sure that it is updated along with the Alexa app. 

You’re also required to update your Alexa devices with a new Wemo Skill.  This will change the way Alexa interacts with your Wemo devices and ensure proper functionality.


You may check out this article to help you through. 


We also advise you to contact the Alexa Support for assistance regarding their app.

Coleen_ 21984
Wemo Technical Support
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Re: Alexa not dimming group of switches

I have the same issue....didn't have this problem before this update. Now if I have a Hue bulb and a switch in the same group and I try to set a certain dim percentage only the Hue bulb turns on. Asking to turn on the group (without actually asking for a certain percentage) is a hit or miss...sometimes the switch turns on sometimes it doesn't. But if I have two switches in a group then it works fine. So only if I'm mixing it which I have to for several groups. I even tried changing the switch in Alexa from switch to bulb and same result.