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All wemo devices suddenly went off line.

I have 16 wemo devices that have been working fine for over a year. Today all of them at once are now reporting as not detected in the wemo app an showin not responding in my Alexa.


i checked my router and it shows all the wemo devices connected to my network. I’ve tried rebooting my router but it has made no difference. Does anyone know why the all went off line at once and what I can do to recover them?

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Re: All wemo devices suddenly went off line.


Did you try a reboot on all of your WEMO devices and on your Alexa? What's the current LED status on the devices? Try to also check that their firmware is updated. For further observation, use a different handheld device if it is also showing as not detected on their wEMO App.

Jo-Ann - 21744
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Re: All wemo devices suddenly went off line.

Same thing here. 2x Wemo switches and 1x wemo maker. All of a sudden they're not detected. The switches I don't really care about but the maker I'd like to get going again. I reset the maker and and set it up from scratch. It had a green LED for a while but is now back to blinking amber. Not detected in the app still

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Re: All wemo devices suddenly went off line.



Hi there! Try to follow the steps found in this link to isolate it further: https://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=8056&_ga=2.46094311.25167866.1541194743-1098183...... A blinking orange light could mean the unit is ready for setup, or can't establish a valid internet connection from your local network. You can also try using another handheld device with the updated version of the Wemo App and OS, delete cache/cookies, or reboot your modem/router. See if it will make any difference. 

Carl_S 21985
WEMO Technical Support