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Re: Alternative to Wemo Maker

Not sure if your question was meant for me?  I ended up returning the WeMo Maker.  I had ordered what was supposed to be a WeMo Switch and Motion Sensor bundle on Amazon.co.uk, but instead of that the seller (a third-party seller through Amazon) send me the WeMo Maker.  But it was returned some time ago when no one showed any interest in the Maker and I couldn't come up with a use for it.  Sorry 

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Re: Alternative to Wemo Maker

Who was the seller
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Re: Alternative to Wemo Maker


Potentially dumb question here since I've never used AC/DC Power Relay product you linked to - but wouldn't using that negate the ability to use the physical wall switch?  Assuming you're powering the AC/DC Power Relay by plugging it into a Wemo SmartOutlet, wouldn't the Wemo need to be "on" (and powering the relay) for the physicall wall switch to work?

With the Wemo SmartOutlet / AC/DC Power Relay "off", the wall switch wouldn't do anything, would it? 

I guess I'm not entirely sure you've wired the two low voltage (red/wite) wires to the AC/DC Power Relay.  I assume you connect the White to "Common" and the Red "normally Open".  Then, when you Wemo control the power to the relay it connects through "normally Open" and turns on the fireplace.  I'm just not understanding how this works WITHOUT using the Wemo control.

As I flip the switch on the wall I'm not understanding it can ignite the fireplace with the Power Relay shut off.

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Re: Alternative to Wemo Maker

I think I just answered my own question by drawing it up...  I was thinking of the AC/DC Relay as a passthrough, but really it will be wired in parallel to the physical wall switch, with the wall switch AND the relay's wires connected to the same leads on the fireplace. 

(Crude diagram attached)

That way either the wall switch OR the relay can complete the circut and ignite the fireplace.