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Amazon app store?

I saw some of the WeMo devices (like the allergy filter mailed out by belkin today) have apps on the Amazon app store.  Why doesn't NetCam (HD+) have an app on the Amazon app store?  I've had a Kindle fire HDX for over a year and would love to be able to use it to view the cameras.  It's android, just a different app store, and again that app store is supported by some other WeMo devices.

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Re: Amazon app store?

Hmm. It's probably because NetCam is not really part of the WEMO family. I mean, yes, it does work with WEMO but it still is not a WEMO device.

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Re: Amazon app store?

yes netcam is part of wemo, it even shows up in wemo app.

but only wemo app is available for Amazon devices.

Please add Netcam app and also tell IFTTT to add their IF app immediately to Amazon Appstore!

How can you demean customers!

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Re: Amazon app store?

you can load the APK on the kindle yourself. A little more work than just downloading it from the app store. But you have to get around these things with the Kindle. 





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Re: Amazon app store?

does kissanime is also available on appstore