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Appliances with electrical power buttons?


Debating whether to purchase a Smart Plug.



If I have an appliance that has an ELECTRICAL power button rather than a MECHANICAL on/off switch, will the Smart Plug be able to turn my appliance on after it has been turned off without me pressing the power button on the appliance?

For instance, I have a fan with an ELECTRICAL power button. If the fan is on & I unplug it from my regular wall outlet, obviously it turns off. If I plug it back in, it does not turn back on unless I press the power button.

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Re: Appliances with electrical power buttons?

Hello pennygracie


Unfortunately appliances with electronic on / off switches as opposed to mechanical ones cannot be switched on using a WeMo or indeed any other type of controller such as a timeswitch or the like.


Electronic on /off switches generally revert to the off state following a disconnection from the mains and will remain off after reconnection for safety reasons.



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Re: Appliances with electrical power buttons?

What do you recommend for household devices to use the WEMO with? I wanted to try with an electrical room fan, but when it didn’t work, I searched all over the site until I found this community post. Understandable, but still sort of disappointed. I don’t think I have many mechanical devices that this would be helpful with. Just looking for ideas. Thanks.
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Re: Appliances with electrical power buttons?


Hi ohmoogirl,



You can essentially control any appliance or electronic device with an ON/OFF switch. It could be a lamp, a fan, a heater, an air conditioning unit, a coffee maker or a stereo. If you can plug it in, you can control it with Wemo. Feel free to check out his link for more product info.



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Re: Appliances with electrical power buttons?

Really?  You really don't get it?  Have you ever even seen a wemo device in real life Reynaldo?


If you don't know the answer you should ask someone that does rather than mislead a customer who's already expressed disappointment.  But even easier would have been to read Peter's answer, he'd already spelled it all out for you.  ohmoogirl even referenced it.  Lazy on your part - just plain poor support.  Other careers beckon.


The correct answer is that the electronic switch would need to be modified to work with the wemo if it defaults to off at power up (easily tested by unplugging the appliance and pluging it back in after a few seconds, exactly what a wemo does).  Sometimes it's as easy as taping a coin over the switch.  Others can be bypassed with a wire jumper, still others need to be removed and replaced with custom hardware.  Whatever you do, pick something safe!



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Re: Appliances with electrical power buttons?

The answer to this boils down to: maybe. But there is an easy way to find out. Locate any outlet in your house that is controlled by a regular light switch. Plug the item you want to control with WeMo into this outlet, then turn the light switch on, then turn the device is on. Now go flip the light switch back off. Give the device 10 seconds to fully power off, then turn the light switch back on again.

Did the device power back up when you hit the light switch? If so, you can use it with WeMo.