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Blinking yellow lights after every firmware update

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I have several Wemo Smart Light Switches. When I first installed them, all was well. Every time there is a Wemo firmware update, however, one or more of the switches fails to reconnect to my wifi network - the dreaded yellow light syndrome.


Whenever this occurs, I power my router off and back on. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. I've also tried switching wifi bands. I've also used iOS apps like WiFi SweetSpots to confirm that I have a strong wifi signal where the switches are located (about 20 feet from the router). The wifi speed where the switches are located is 940 Mbps. Pressing restart and reset on the switches themselves also fails to recconnet them. Likewise, turning the power off and back on at the circuit breaker box doesn't help. 


I'm really tired of having non-functional switches, and of having to spend time trying to get them to work. I thought I would check one last time on this forum to see if there is a better fix of some sort. Any further ideas, not only how to fix this problem and, more importantly, to prevent its constant reoccurence? I really don't want to have to keep trying all the above fixes every time there is firmware update.


If yes, great. I look forward to the fix. If not, that's ok too. It will just confirm my thinking that the Wemo switches are junk, and I need to uninstall them and switch to another brand.



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Re: Blinking yellow lights after every firmware update

Hi, @Paul. Blinking Orange means the device is not connected from the WiFi. We would like to have our 2nd Level Support Team assist you further with regards to this one. Please email us at WemoCares@belkin.com the following details so we can create a case for you:

-Phone Number


-User Name

-Link to this community thread

Wemo Technical Support