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Can anyone help with setup of Smart Plug

Hello everyone,,, This is my last ditch effort before I return this thing. I have tried the setup about 15 times on 3 different iOS devices. I've tried a few suggestions from the forum (like turn off wifi assist), but none have worked. Here are my steps 1. Perform hardware reset 2. Open app on iPhone and click Add Wemo 3. Connect to Wemo wifi 4. Enter name, email address, etc 5. Choose wifi and password 6. Green screen goes through connection process. 7. The smart plug appears to reboot, but never comes back on again 8. App states that it lost connection to wemo 9. Nothing works until I do another hardware reset which takes me back to step 1. Any help before I get rid of this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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Re: Can anyone help with setup of Smart Plug

How does the LED on the plug behave?   


If it keeps flashing alternate colors try a few times, then return it unless you're very patient and somewhat tech savy (it's a network problem).  Moving to another outlet might work.  You might be able to get it to connect by changing your wifi to a simple SSID and password (no special characters), updating the firmware, then changing everything back (you'll need to reset it again when you change).


If it flashes amber check your wifi connection and password, maybe try another outlet.


If it stays solid or goes out, you're good to go.  Force your phone onto your 2.4GHz SSID on the same network device as the wemo has connected, restart the app to force it to find your device, and you should be all set.

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Re: Can anyone help with setup of Smart Plug