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Cannot connect Wemo Mini Smart Plug to Homekit

I purchased a WEMO Mini Smart Plug about a month ago which I was finally able to connect to both the WEMO app and HomeKit after multiple attempts. I just pruchased a second Mini Smart Plug which I have been able to connect and control through the WEMO app, but have been unable to connect it to HomeKit. Using the WEMO app I take the following steps: Connect to our SMaert Home Partners>Apple Home App>Get Started>Connect (the device is shown)>Add Outlet? Continue>Uncertified Accessory - This accessory cannot be used with HomeKit.


The Hardware Version is v3; The Firmware Version is WeMo_2.00.11326.PVT-OWRT-SNSV2; Current sStatus shows the device is online.


If I attempt to add the accessory from the Home app, the accessory shows in the add accessory window when I enter the HomeKit code but when I select it I again get the Uncertified Accessory message.


I have gone through all the recommended sets to reset the device. I have also read through the community postings regarding similar issues and have found nothing definitive in terms of a solution; just a plethora of others having the same issue.

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Re: Cannot connect Wemo Mini Smart Plug to Homekit

Hello @DeltaDawdler. What's the current version of your Wemo App? How about the operating system of your handheld device? You may try doing these steps for isolation and observe if the same error appears:

  • Uninstall and re-install the Home App, and then Wemo App.
  • Make sure to download the latest version of the Wemo App, and try to integrate your device to Home App.
  • You may use another handheld device for the setup.
  • Make sure to enable the Home Data permission for the Wemo App.
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