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Registered: ‎01-14-2018

Cannot restore WeMo Smart Switch (older model)

I hold the 'Restore' button before inserting WeMo switch into the outlet. It started blinking in amber. The guide says this is supposed to finish in 30-60 seconds. But mine never finished. Is there anything I can do to restore it to factory setting?
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Re: Cannot restore WeMo Smart Switch (older model)

Hi, Nattkuln. While holding the Restore button down, connect the Wemo Switch into a working power outlet and continue to hold down for 5 seconds until LED will begin to blink orange. Also, it should take about 60 to 90 seconds to complete the reboot and LED will blink blue/green and orange when finish. If the issue still persists, please email us at WemoCares@belkin.com and send the following details:

  • Phone Number
  • Location
  • Username
  • Link to this thread
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