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Registered: ‎02-26-2018

Re: Change wifi password

It seems that if they can have a setting to Reset WiFi Settings that in that same mechanism they could allow you to manually input the new settings, and using the "remember network settings" capability, they could make the change for all devices at the same time. You could then change the router settings while all the devices were rebooting and they could automatically reconnect. That would certainly be much easier than what I just went through, keeping both networks running, manually resetting the WiFi settings on each device, logging into that device's WiFi network and telling it to accept the saved network settings. For all my devices that probably took about two hours. Time I will never get back. Thanks Belkin! Grrrrr! (Still love the Wemo devices, though.)

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Re: Change wifi password

I agree that this should be a setting in the Wemo app. I have 14 Wemo devices, and the thought of having to reset each one is very frustrating and annoying. 


Meanwhile, I'm looking at all my devices that connect through the Samsung Hub, which won't be affected by a router password change, and thinking I should have gone with that for everything. 

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Re: Change wifi password

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