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Change wifi password

If I want to change my wifi password, do I have to rest all we on devices? I have insight, link and light switch. Are there any links have rest instructions for those devices? Thanks for your help.
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Re: Change wifi password

If you change your router settings you’ll need to restore the WEMO devices to its original settings. Here are some useful links to help you:


Manually resetting or restoring the WEMO Insight Switch

How to reset the WEMO Link

Restarting or resetting the WEMO Light Switch manually

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Re: Change wifi password

There needs to be a better way. Especially if this will require all rules to be recreated.


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Re: Change wifi password

Uytoo hard to get connect
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Re: Change wifi password


It is very inconvenient to reset all of the WEMO devices just because of a simple change in the wireless network, but since the WEMO devices are dependent on the wireless connection, I can't see any other way to make this easy. Especially since the WEMO devices and your router will be registered in a WEMO cloud, a slight change will affect everything.

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Re: Change wifi password

I agree that there is not a good way, but there is a way :


1. Before changing your WiFi password, edit each Wemo device In the app. Choose 'Reset Options' then 'Reset Wi-Fi settings'.

2. Once all the devices have been reset, you can change the WiFi password in all your access points.

3. Now log your phone into the WiFi with the new password.

4. Go to your WiFi settings on the phone and log into one of the self-broadcast Wemo networks. 

5. Switch to the Wemo app and wait while it connects to that Wemo and sets it to the new network.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each Wemo.

7. If any have failed to reset, you may need to do a full reset on them. You will need to input their names again after the reset, but they should be recognized by the app and have their rules restored.


Alternately, if you have the hardware, you can have two wifi networks active at the same time and move the wemos from one network to the other by reseting their WiFi as described above on one phone (or tablet) and then reseting them to the other network on a second phone or tablet (each one logged into the appropriate network).


Hopefully future versions of the app will address this hole in the system. Having to go through all the devices one by one really limits the number that it is practical to have. I have about 25 in my museum and that's already too many for this kind of process. 

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Re: Change wifi password

This is a pain in the ass! Everything I have plugged in for my motion sensors and outlets are underneath tables, behind bookshelves, etc. so I dread every time I have to reset the **bleep** things.
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Re: Change wifi password

Hi, GRClark. What is the current firmware version installed on your WEMO devices? Make sure that your WEMO devices have the latest firmware version.

WEMO Technical Support
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Re: Change wifi password

I tried to reset my semi light because had to change the network but the wemo network does not show up. What can I do ?
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Re: Change wifi password

Hi Doris! Please make sure that you are connected to your new WiFi network. For reconnection of the Wemo, you may try this link: http://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=8010

Michael - 10628
Wemo Technical Support