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Defective Wemo Mini?

I have 5 Wemo Switch installed & working & recently added 3 Wemo Mini that are working,
However, I can not get the 4th Wemo Mini working. It shows up in setting> wifi but when I go to the
Wemo app it just seaches, Sometimes i'll get to the point where it'll ask to name the device
or the wifi password.  But it will never complete.

I have plenty of IP address to issue from my router from Optonline (Altice one).
I've held down the power button while pluging it in to reboot but it still fails to connect.
The mini just flashs between amber & white.
I think this mini is defective because I've already installed 5 Wemo Switch & 3 mini with no problems. 
Any Idea, 
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Re: Defective Wemo Mini?



Hi there! A flashing amber and white light signifies that your Wemo Mini has detected and stored a Wi-Fi credential (Wi-Fi name and password), but it is unable to connect on the network. You have to reset it manually to set it up again. Please follow the steps in this link and choose Scenario 2 for a clean start. 


Keep us posted on how it goes!


Carl_S 21985
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Re: Defective Wemo Mini?

Flashing amber/white means the device does not have wifi credentials and is ready for wifi setup.  Flashing only amber means it can't connect.

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