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Registered: ‎01-08-2019

Dimmer - limited range with Costco-sold FEIT recessed light retrofit LED kit

[ Edited ]

Last year, I upgraded all of my recessed can lights to the Costco-sold FEIT Electric Retrofit LED Kit.  Item 988162, Model CELEDRT56/927/2.  21.5 watts per bulb.  The Lutron dimmers I had worked well.


I recently installed the Wemo dimmer F7C059 (firmware updated) on a circuit with 3 bulbs (which is well under the 150W LED limit of the dimmer).  However, during the tuning phase, I had to turn up the low setting to almost half in order to get the bulbs to stop randomly strobing full on.  Now, the lowest setting is much brighter than with the Lutron dimmer.  Note that with one bulb on the circuit, I barely had to turn up the low setting at all. [UPDATE: the one bulb per circuit is having the same stobing problem afterall.]


Is there any hope that a future firmware upgrade will fix this?  I presume that Costco sold a lot of these bulbs, so there are probably more people in my situation.