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Do WEMO switches support Channel Switch announcement (CSA)

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I have a PLUME WiFi network which is a bunch of PODS that you spread around your house.  The PODS optimize the network based on traffic. The Plume network will issue a valid command Channel Switch Annoucement (CSA) telling devices that it is switching channels.  I had an Ecobee3 thermostat that would go offline after a week of usage and it turned out that it did not support CSA.  Ecobee fixed the problem in firmware and pushed it out and things are working fine. I recently had a series of problems where some WEMO devices were not detected but they showed up in my ASUS router and in the Plume app.  I could even ping the IP address of these "not detected" devices and got a response but the WEMO app would not see them.  Oddly I could even use the Alexa app to control these "not detected" devices.


I tried a lot of things but finally decided to reboot the Plume WiFi network by removing the first POD and then plugging it back in. All the WEMO devices came back.  I am posting here to see if someone from Belkin could confirm their support of CSA. I am also posting to help others who may also have encountered this issue.  I will also send this over to Plume support so they could maybe work with Belkin at an engineer to engineer level.  With more devices using WiFi as their glue I think more people will be installing these types of  mesh networks.


Update: Plume support responded that I should set my Wemo devices to Static IP addresses which has worked with other customers.