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Re: Fire hazard...wemo switch

What is the power consumption that WEMO switch and insight can handle ?
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Re: Fire hazard...wemo switch



Please check this link: http://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=54237 and click Product Information number 14. 

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Re: Fire hazard...wemo switch

You are not alone, I have the same fire hazard here in Hong Kong Which the local voltage is 220v. i have connected it with a 1500W air con. and it work prefect for 2-3 years. The printed watt supported on its packing box is 3100W! (is there exist any misleading information in this product?) it melt the switch and my outlet, damaged my air con. in a morning, without activating the so called FUSED!
i do appreciate the engineer from US quickly esculate my case and follow up.
However , the customer service in HONG KONG are totally not helpful and did not follow up my case after almost a week. i gonna send the photo to local reporter if i still do not receive any respond from them, to prevent anymore victims here.

photo : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9IHp8hSX9nnQTJEUGE5aHpmM0k

photo : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9IHp8hSX9nnTlRfX0h6MERCZ3M
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Re: Fire hazard...wemo switch

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Same just happened to me 

My nerves are shattering, the wemo plug started sparking and melting Need some help I`m absolutely trembling luckily I was just going  past the bedroom in my wheelchair and seen an orange glow.

I Look forward to your immediate response!!

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Re: Fire hazard...wemo switch

Hi, stychy. Apologies for the delayed response. Let's get this case over to our Support Team for further instructions. Please email us the following details at WemoCares@belkin.com Full name Phone number Shipping address Community Username Link to this community thread Photo of the damaged device
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Re: Fire hazard...wemo switch

I think wemo switches are 30A rated and water heater is most likely on a higher rated circuit like 50A or 60A. That is a fire hazard and a big no no. Plus water heater should be 220 and wemo is 110. You should look at a PLC setup for a water heater. I would recommend professional help as well.
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Re: Fire hazard...wemo switch

Yeah probably some firmware to shut down wemo if it sends in correct voltage or too much current running through the device.
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Re: Fire hazard...wemo switch

Hi Robert,


This device as sold is a fire hazard and I second what has already been said. You mention the switch is rated at 1500W ... that makes sense for the US 120V 15A although it is still out of spec even then. 


Your artcile that you reference doesn't manetion any max rating, it just refers you to the back of the device. My device says 'Input and Output: 240V 13A' which would equal 3,120W max rating. The fact that you guys fail to grasp something so obvious is completely beyond me. This is why the all these units are melting and catching fire. If the unit is rated at 1500W which it appears to be, it should be fitted with 6A fuse to conform to BS standards.