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WEMO Maker Inventor
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Re: Fireplace Switch

You could eliminate the oddness by using a rule that says if the sensor changes state toggle the Maker.  Not sure if this is possible with the belkin rules or IFTTT but it's very easy with AutomationManager.  Then you could control the fireplace in a natural way from the phone or the switch.



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Re: Fireplace Switch

so i have a setup where my Gas fireplace also has a blower system in it.  so my wall swith has an on/off, pilot, and blower(high, medium, low)  it has 3 wires going to it. can i only wire the maker for on and off or can i also control the blower with it?

WEMO Maker Inventor
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Re: Fireplace Switch

Hi there.

I realize this is an old thread but i've got my maker hooked up and triggering my fireplace via stringify.

I would like to now take advantage of the sensor side using my skytech thermostate.

Its wireless and communicates with a battery powered reciever that triggers the fireplace based on the mode of the thermostat ie on, off, temp.

i've messed with connecting the 2 leads from the reciever, but no response from the maker.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.