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Re: Firmware update 2-6-2018: KRACK and DNS mask vulnerability fixes

Just be thankful they don't make medical or life saving equipment. They would have killed many people by now! These people don't appear to do any regression testing, let alone any decent testing at all! To bad, they could be killing it - no pun intended - in the marketplace.
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Re: Firmware update 2-6-2018: KRACK and DNS mask vulnerability fixes


The firmware bugs have been a constant PITA for me in the past as it looks like the majority of the folks that are reading this. Here is what my setup looked like when I was having bugs:

11 Wemo light switches ( Wired into single gang box light switch type )

7 Wemo switches ( wall plug style first generation )

4 Osram Lightify Zigbee LED strip lights

2 Wemo A19 Zigbee light bulbs

4 cree connected Zigbee light bulbs

1 Wemo Link Zigbee bridge

This system would work off and on depending on the firmware version that was pushed by Belkin. It seemed that every other version would break the system and they would patch the error. At one point I had real fear of updating because of the likely hood that control would be lost. One day the Zigbee devices stopped working. The Zigbee bridge simply would not pass commands to the devices that were connected to it. This sent me into scramble mode to find a replacement tech that could act as a bridge

and hopefully integrate with the wemo switch products that I had. What I ended up with is an Echo Plus from Amazon.

After unplugging the Wemo Link bridge I found that I could not delete the unit from my app. Calls to Belkin tech support over a 2 day period netted that the device had to be administratively removed from my account. Once that bridge was removed all of the other devices in the Wemo WiFi network started working flawlessly. This was before the KRACK fix and I have not had an issue during the recent updates. I have grown in size since that time. At the current time everything that was listed above with the exception of the Wemo Link Bridge and the addition of CE Zigbee bulbs, at least 12 Phillips Hue A19 Bulbs and another Cree Connected bulb.

The Echo Plus is the Zigbee hub now as well as the voice control for 56 automation devices that include climate control, lighting and water heating. The Echo controls the switches directly and not with the Wemo app. The hardware has never been an issue in my case only the software. I have a young son and a wife that used to complain about using the Wemo app... now they are the ones asking me to convert spaces to voice control. This may work for you, it may not. I hope my findings will help you.

The final up shot to this is... ditch the Link Bridge. I think that the software is having issues with status polling to the Zigbee devices that hangs the app and causes your pain. No use in hanging onto a device that will have no further development. The dependent devices are standard Zigbee devices, Alexa will see them and control them for you. Since I rolled over to the Echo I have had 0 complaints or issues with control time or response for any device.

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Re: Firmware update 2-6-2018: KRACK and DNS mask vulnerability fixes

The echo stuff I've tried does seem well written, including the app.  The echo plus I expect is no exception, a bit pricey though.  But Belkin shouldn't be let off the hook by having us throw good money after bad.  The link firmware has had the same bugs since it was released - they were never fixed.


The biggest concern I have with the echo plus is that ALL of the device control goes through their cloud.  There is no local API.  No better than the overseas built cloud-only smart plugs/bulbs.  I'm not ready to give up that much privacy - these companies are already selling our data - it's why so many IoT services are free.


The hue is a better choice IMO (local, stable, private, secure), and when belkin refunds our purchase cost for the links and bulbs (including sylvania) that were never fit for purpose I'll spend it on hue.  BTW, the cree and GE bulbs work very well on Hue.  Unfortunately we're stuck with the sylvania which do not.

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Re: Firmware update 2-6-2018: KRACK and DNS mask vulnerability fixes

Ok belkin it’s time you fix this buggy firmware
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Re: Firmware update 2-6-2018: KRACK and DNS mask vulnerability fixes

Just three Wemo switches.  Not too much to ask for that they 'just work' without breaking due to updates.  Not too much to ask that they reset and recover if they do get FUBAR'd by an update.  Not too much to have them work fine after a power outage.


But apparently all these questions are asking too much.  *sigh*