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Re: Google Home unable reach WEMO



Hello jlasun,


If you're having problems with Wemo and Google Home Integration, know that Google is working on the issue and there is no ETA for the fix yet. With regards to the IFTTT, share with us more details about your challenges so we can assist properly. May we know what error are you getting?



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Wemo Technical Support
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Re: Google Home unable reach WEMO

Hi @Rosalyn_T, I have no idea what happened. It can tell me if the light is on or off but when asking to turn on the light it can't reach wemo. Same on Google home and on cell phones google assistant. The google home and wemo apps are up to date. The wemo app works. I reset the google home and relinked wemo. Same issue. One thing that's odd is that when linking went to google home, I could only get it to work with one of my lights. The mac from other lights couldn't be found.
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Re: Google Home unable reach WEMO

@Jianmc Have you tried rebooting your Google Home, mobile phone, and the Wemo device? Try to disable/re-enable the Remote Access from the Wemo App. If applicable, do you have issues with other WeMo devices in other parts of the house? Make sure that you're running the latest firmware of your WeMo device/s. BTW, if you unlink any secondary Google accounts from your Google Home, does this resolve the issue? To clarify, when you unlinked/re-linked your dimmer—are you doing that within the Google Home app or the WeMo app? We would recommend re-linking from both apps, and starting the setup process from the start. 

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