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Here's a nice HW issue



Smart plug melt, nearly burns house down..

Contacted support, absolutely useless

How a smart device does not know its overloaded and in danger..


Will never touch this again

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Re: Here's a nice HW issue

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Does anyone got hurt and is there any device damaged due to this occurrence? This is very concerning, blowheads. Send us an email with your contact details at WemoCares@belkin.com so you will be further assisted. 


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WEMO Technical Support
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Re: Here's a nice HW issue

I already emailed your so called customer service and you know what.. They could only offer me a replacement.. as if I would ever have another such device in my house again
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Re: Here's a nice HW issue

Looks like the fuse (13A?) in your plug wasn’t  making good contact with the connector.

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Re: Here's a nice HW issue

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Hi blowheads


I agree with phil. This is a problem with the plug. The WeMo appears not to have been involved in the meltdown.



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Re: Here's a nice HW issue

it was fine, its the damage cause now has made the metal expand...

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Re: Here's a nice HW issue

Sure does look like it's the plug that melted rather the insight.  If the circuit was overloaded the circuit breaker in your home should have tripped - might be a good idea to inspect it.  It's possible the appliance plug itself melted without ever overloading the circuit and would not have tripped any breaker. 


I don't recall seeing the insight promoted as a circuit protection device.

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