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How should the neutral connect to WeMo light switch?

So last night I installed two WeMo light switches. I found the bundle of neutral wires tucked into the back of the box in one giant wire nut, pulled one out of the bundle, capped the others back off, and connected the single one I pulled out to both of the WeMo switches. Everything works, but when I was talking to a friend about it today he said that might be wrong, and I should have added the neutral connectors from the two WeMo switches to the existing neutral bundle in one giant wire nut.

I'm pretty clueless about this stuff, so I just kinda did white to white. I don't even know that the hell the neutral is, only that the WeMo needed it. Was I supposed to tie into the existing neutral bundle rather than pulling a wire out of that bundle for the WeMo switches?

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Re: How should the neutral connect to WeMo light switch?

Yep, he's right.  You may find the wemos and/or whatever that other white is for will begin to act strangely as they're not properly wired.


If you have a short piece of (proper) white wire the best is to open the big bundle to remove one of the whites and replace it with one end of the short white.  Then  create a new white bundle using the other end of that short jumper, a new nut, the white you removed, and the two new wemo whites.  This avoids overloading what might be an already full nut.

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Re: How should the neutral connect to WeMo light switch?

Hi, bobriver,


You may refer to this link to know how the wiring should be to installing the WeMo lights switch. If you're unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the basic electrical wirings. We suggest that you contact a licensed electrician to properly install the WeMo light switch.


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