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Hello everyone.


I thought it would be good to have an introductions thread going so we can all get to know each other a bit as the program progresses. Just say something about yourself, what you like doing or anything you'd like to share. There's a catch though. The next person that will reply in this thread should ask the previous poster a random question at the end of his/her introduction. Smiley Happy


I'll start. I am Vince, one of the Community Managers supporting the WeMo Maker Program. I am not based in LA with the rest of the WeMo Team and won't be able to solve technical problems for you but I will be here to make sure things are in order. If there are any community feature that is not working, you can let me know. I can also help find answers to your questions about the WeMo Maker and the Inventor program. If you think there's a nice thread going that must be floated for others to see, I can help with that too.


Outside work, I am a PC gamer. I have a bunch of games but am currently active in Diablo 3. It's the child in me that won't let go. I believe we all have our childhood kept somewhere lol. I also love cycling. On weekends, I usually do a quick 10-20km ride with my buddies to burn some calories. I've got an old Specialized MTB (2010 series Hardrock forgot the model) that has been making my wife jealous.


That's it. Again, I want to congratulate you all for making it to the Inventor Program. Welcome to the WeMo Maker Community! Smiley Happy



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Re: Introductions



Who I Am

My name is Jessica, Jess for short, and I'm part of the Social Media team here at Belkin. A little bit about my role here on the team, I was part of the little team of 2 that went through everyone's applications to find the perfect candidates for this program. And trust when I say, it took a while because there were so many qualified applicants. We selected the applicants that had great ideas, a strong technical background, and an enthusiasm for this product. 


Outside Work

My favorite hobby has to be going to concerts. Since I'm based in LA, there are tons of events ranging from big festivals to intimate settings. My favorite acts at Coachella this year included Pharell (for all his surprise guests), Alunageorge, and Disclosure. I also thoroughly enjoy eating out and have a food mantra of "I'll try anything once", and much to my pleasant surprise, have found some really tasty delicacies.


Duration of the Program

I'll be jumping here and there in this private community in hopes of continuing conversation with all of you. All your input and ideas are so incredibly valuable to the whole WeMo team and we can't wait to learn more.



Now for the next person of this thread, what's your favorite ice cream flavor and why? (Mine's probably Ben and Jerry's Phish Food)

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Re: Introductions

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Re: Introductions

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Hi there! My name is Dave and my favorite holiday is Christmas because it gives me some time with my family.

I am an Electrical Design Engineer for WeMo products at Belkin for the last three years. My projects include WeMo Switch, Motion Sensor, WeMo Insight, WeMo Link and LED system, WeMo Smart Module (part of WeMo Maker) and world wide versions of the afore mentioned products.

For hobbies, I build and operate Amateur Radio microwave communications equipment for 10 GHz, 24 GHz and soon 47 GHz SSB, CW and digital modes including PSK31, WSJT and JT65. My call sign is WA6CGR.

I have created several projects with WeMo Maker including my latest project that I call "The Ultimate Junkbox" which is a collection of technologies for Amateur Radio communications, 20 Watt per channel audio system with 4 channel stereo mixer, FM stereo receiver with bluetooth, USB, SD card slots and an external audio input, a Giana F102D fanless computer based on the Intel Atom (Cedar Trail) 1.6 GHz Dual Core processor which has 4 USB ports, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, an SD card slot, 802.11n and Bluetooth combo card, stereo audio output, mic input, HDMI and VGA monitor support, 2 RS-232 serail ports and only draws 14 Watts, a 10.5 inch touch screen monitor with HDMI and VGA ports but I use the HDMI port and have the VGA port for external testing, an 802.11n eternet client with an 802.11n router/AP which provides an extra firewall peoviding it's own internal Wi-Fi network and connection to my iPad used as a Hot Spot for use anywhere I have T-Mobile coverage, an FT-817 communications 5 Watt transceiver covering 1.8-450 MHz and controlled by the computer, a 14 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery weighing 1.8 pounds with 120 Volt 10 Amp charging system, and, of course, a WeMo Maker that I use to remotely turn on and off the computer system and monitor its status allowing me to remotely connect to the computer and control the radio for world-wide communications. It also has LED Voltage and Current displays to monitor the battery and system power also an LED temperature meter. Lastly it has a nice little color audio powered 8 LED display for good looks and because I am a certified geek and I like a lot of LEDs! All of this fits nicely in an aluminum tool case that I got at Harbor Freight.



For the next person: What is your favorite animal?

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Re: Introductions



My favorite animal is our pet bunny, Wilkie. He lives in our kitchen, and lives to escape into the pantry and hide in some baskets in there. He also loves strawberries and bananas.


My name is Scott, and I live in San Jose, California with Wilkie and my wife, Cindy. My day job is in the solar photovoltaic field, where currently I'm working for an early-stage startup that's in stealth mode. On the weekends you can usually find me on the front half of a tandem bicycle, riding up Mt. Umunhum. For those who don't know, in tandem lingo the person in the front is the captain, and the person in the back (my wife in this case) is the stoker. It's a road bike; although they make tandem mountain bikes we think that is insane.


I tend to like to build things that make my life easier, even if I sink more time into the building process than I ever recover later. This past summer I taught a Raspberry Pi how to open my garage door with my phone as the controller. No separate remote required! I've also been slowly digitizing my entire life, including my collection of mostly progressive rock LPs. Perhaps the most unusual album in my collection is the Led Zeppelin disc pressed in purple vinyl.


My random question: What is the greatest user interface of all time? Years ago I had a cell phone that had a scroll wheel on the side, which you used to roll up and down through a menu. You could select an item by pushing in on the wheel. Given the limitations of the display (something like four lines, text only) it was super intuitive to use. I've always wanted to build something with this type of interface.





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Re: Introductions

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Hi, folks.


I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Tom Hudson, one of WEMO's Software Product Managers.  I've been with Belkin for almost a year now, and I'm very excited to help bring the voice and insight of Belkin's product management organization to the WEMO community discussion.  Though my presence here is probably overdue, expect to see a lot of me, going forward.


I won't mince words about some of the frustrating issues we all know have dogged the platform recently and I'll do what I can to provide insights into what we're doing to solve the problems that must be addressed for the longterm success of the platform. But while our engingeers carry us beyond our existing limitations, I'll spend most of my time here focusing the conversation on articulating the functional aspects of new features (and products) that are most important to you.


About me professionaly: I've been a software product manager for about 5 years, with another 6 years' experience in software QA and business analysis, starting at FedEx eCommerce and Network Operations, with some time sprinkled in working on software vulnerability management tools and APIs for Internet advertising platforms. Like I said, I've been with Belkin for about a year, and as proud I am of the new products we've launched on the WEMO platofrm in that time, I'm even more excited about what's on our horizon.


About me personally:  I'm a great big nerd about the following things:


  • Photography.  I actually met my wife on Flicker.com; we didn't even live in the same state when we first encountered each other's photography, but 7 years later, we have 6 month old twins--son and daughter!)
  • Film scores(aka soundtracks). I've seen John Williams conduct his own music in concert 27 times. Besdies the obvious maestro, my favorite composers are James Horner, Thomas Newman, John Powell, Alan Silvestri, and Bear McCreary. Living in L.A., I've had opportunity to meet a lot of my favorite composers, and I have a lot of signed soundtracks on display in my wall-to-wall CD display at home
  • Craft beer. I brew at home, but I also am a big enthusiast for the breweries and beer bars in the local L.A. beer scene and have written for several beer blogs.
  • Astronomy and space exploration. Even before my first trip to Griffith Park Observatory as a kid, I've been hooked on thinking about the Cosmos and our place in it. My dad was an amateur astrophotographer and I used to help him haul up his 8" Schmidt Cassegrain reflector and 16" Dobsonian to the mountains on new moon weekends. I'm also a nut about the history of the Russian and American space programs, especially the Apollo era.


Answering Scott’s “random question”:


I have a lot of thoughts on user interface. Though I can think of quite a few superlative examples in the history of interfaces (I’d cite the original iPod’s click-wheel interface as a particularly fine one), I‘ll take a cue from Don Norman and give you: the tea pot.  No matter what you do with it aesthetically, its form not only follows its function, but its form suggests exactly how it should be used and it’s nearly impossible to use it wrong. Don Norman’s book The Design of Everyday Things (originally published as The Psychology of Everyday Things) depicted on its cover a teapot with the handle and the spout on the same side, emphasizing how the best interface is invisible to us, but bad interface betrays itself the moment one tries to use it.  So… the best interface in history? Any interface you don’t even know is there.  I leave you with this interesting blog post exploring this idea further (not authored by me):





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Re: Introductions



Thanks for the great backgroud info!!

I still have my 2001- 5GB/1394 iPod on my computer desk. 

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Can we turn off a wemo switch based on its usage.

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I want to connect wemo to my speakers and have it turn off automatically once i am done playing music. Can wemo insight turn itself off when it is not being used for a given time period?

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Re: Can we turn off a wemo switch based on its usage.

vimalparitosh wrote:

I want to connect wemo to my speakers and have it turn off automatically once i am done playing music. Can wemo insight turn itself off when it is not being used for a given time period?

I am pretty sure you can do that with a WemoManager rule.


Mike, Can you confirm?

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Re: Can we turn off a wemo switch based on its usage.

Yep I can confirm, it's an easy rule.  Set the standby current to below the on current for the speakers.  Then one rule will sort it:

WhenDevice insight changes to STANDYBY wait (your choice of time including 0) then turn OFF.