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Registered: ‎03-12-2019

Lost links to my devices

I got  a new router, so had to re-establish wifi connections to all my smart-home devices.


Having serious trouble with my two Wemo Mini switches.


I tried to find a way to simply establish a new wifi connection, but didn't find one.  So I thought I'd just "delete" the switches (marked them as hidden, which was a huge mistake), and then reconnect as new switches.


Well, I went through the process, and both switches were reconnected to the new network.  But when I go to the devices page in the app, they're not there.  I read a prior string which suggested connecting remotely (not via WiFi), but they still don't show up.


What do I try next?



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Re: Lost links to my devices

Hi vjdjr000. By “delete” did you mean that you reset the Wemo Mini switches? What's their LED light behavior? 

Changing your router or your router’s settings will disconnect your Wemo devices. You will then have to reset and reconfigure them with your new network settings.

If you’re able to successfully set them up, you can now enable the remote access feature on the Wemo app. 

Kyla_S 22383
WEMO Technical Support